How to detect the perfect Google camera for your phone?

Most modern Android users probably know what Google Camera is. Although not everyone knows, almost all Android device users with Snapdragon chipset know about Google Camera. For starters, Google Camera is the default camera app used on Google Pixel phones. By now, we all know that Google Pixel is the best in terms of camera quality due to two reasons, one is the high end camera hardware and the other is the AI based image processing algorithm that Google has integrated into their camera app. Due to this image processing algorithm, the quality details, sharpness, dynamic range of images captured on Pixel phones are much better than most phones.

How to  detect the perfect Google camera for your phone?

However, while this image processing algorithm was initially Pixel exclusive, developers have now ported it to almost all Snapdragon processor-powered Android smartphones, as is always the case in the Android world! Of course, Google hasn't officially ported the Google Camera app for other devices, but many third-party developers have tried and succeeded.

Basically if you have an Android device running a Snapdragon 625 and above processors, then you can assume that there is a chance that your device can also use Google Camera, although there is no 100% guarantee. Speaking of brands, most of the Google Cameras have been ported to Xiaomi devices. So if you have a midrange or high-end smartphone released in 2018 or later, you can use Google Camera. But if your device is powered by MediaTek processor, then you don't need to read any further, as this will only work on Snapdragon processor powered devices.

And yes, don't think that only using Google Camera can take the same quality pictures as Google Pixel on your phone. Sure, you'll get some or a lot better quality photos than you would in your default camera app, but you won't get Google Pixel-like photos just by using Google Camera. Because, Google Pixel's image processing algorithm alone does not generate good images, but the biggest reason for good image quality is the use of top-of-the-line camera hardware. However, without further ado let's come to the main topic!

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How to find Google Camera

Of course, just type Google Camera and search on Google, download the APK file and install it on your phone to get Google Camera, it's not that easy. If it was so easy, I would not waste time writing a post on this topic! But nothing is so difficult. You first need to make sure that your device uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. I assume you already know that and also know which Snapdragon processor your device uses.

You might not find Google Camera for your device if you're using a very entry-level processor. But if it's a processor released after Snapdragon 625, then hopefully your device will be able to run Google Camera easily. Next you need to know if your device has Camera2api support. If you don't know it already, then install the Manual Camera Compatibility app from the link below. Now open the app and if you see all the checkboxes in the app are green, then your phone has Camera2api support. And if you see red, then there is no support. Search Google Camera only if Camera2api support. If not, don't. Because, without Camera2api support, Google Camera will not open.

Follow the steps below to find the perfect Google Camera for your phone!

YouTube search

This is the easiest way to find Google Camera. If Google Camera is ported for your device, someone has found it before you and someone has shared it on YouTube. So suppose, if your phone is Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, then you can simply search on YouTube, Gcam for Redmi Note 8. Note that Google Camera is called Gcam in all Android communities.

By searching like this you will easily get the working google camera apk file for your phone, which many youtubers share in their videos. But one downside of finding this way is that the latest version of the ported app is often not found. In most of the videos you may see that the apk file shared is 6-7 months old. This is not a problem, but sometimes old versions may have bugs or many new features are missing. So I don't recommend searching this way.

Search XDA-Developers

Many of you may have heard of or visited the largest Android development community, XDA Developers. Yes, basically XDA Developers is the perfect place to find Google Camera for phones. Developers who port Google Camera for a phone usually make the first announcement here. You can find out if Google Camera has been ported for your phone in your phone's forum on this website, or in XDA's language, your phone's thread.

Enter the website and enter the model number of your phone in the search option above and you will get the official thread of your phone in the search result. If Google Camera is ported for your phone, you can find it in this thread and get the download link for the camera app here. If you can't find the google camera port after searching the entire thread, you can be almost 90% sure that no developer has yet ported the google camera for your phone.

celsoazevedo website

Don't be alarmed by this wacky name, it's just a website from where you can search and download Google Camera. The specialty of this website is that here you will find all the versions of all Google Camera ported by almost all developers. Maybe not a developer for your device, some developers have ported different Google Cameras as their own. On this website you can see the work of all developers working with Google Camera.

You just need to find out from the link below which developer ported GCam for your phone model. If you search, you will see all the Google Camera versions developed for your device from that specific developer's section. From there you can download it. But many times there may be bugs in many versions, for this you need to try by installing multiple releases of the same developer and if necessary try the ports of several developers without trying the port of one developer. Just install a few apk files and try and use common sense, hopefully you will get the perfect gcam for your phone!

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