Why is cold sore on lip? And how to fix it

What is fever or cold sore? What causes your cold sore on lip? How to quickly cure your cold sore on lip at home? Today we are sharing special article on all these topics.

Cold sore on lip is a very common problem for all of us. Sometimes we call it fever pitch. It can be any time of the year. However, this problem is more common in winter. Usually rash is more after fever, so we think it is due to fever. But according to experts, cold sore on lip is a contagious disease. It is caused by a virus infection. It usually causes a lot of pain and spoils the beauty of the face.

Why is cold sore on lip? And how to fix it
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Cold sores go away on their own, but it takes some time to fully recover. There are many of us who do not know about the causes, quick remedies and prevention methods of fever rash or cold sore on lip and therefore often suffer from this problem.

What is fever or cold sore on lip?

Cold sores are small in size and filled with fluid. It looks like a bunch of blisters under the nose or around the lips and forms like a crop after the blisters burst. 

This is basically cold sore on lip. In the language of medical science, it is called a fever blister.

What causes your cold sore on lip?

Many of us think that cold sore on lip is due to fever. But the main cause of cold sore on lip or fever blister is HSV-1 (Herpes simplex virus-1) infection.

Due to this infection in the body, we get fever. But sometimes, if your body's immune system is weakened due to some other infection, you may have cold sore on lip. 

Cold sores can also occur from there. However, usually fever does not cause fever blister or cold sore on lip.

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How to quickly remove your cold sore on lip at home?

Usually cold sore on lip gets better on its own. But there are some simple home remedies to get rid of it quickly. The methods are discussed in detail below –

1. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil works very well to cure fever quickly. Coconut oil is an antimicrobial agent. It contains triglycerides, such as auric acid and oleic acid, which can kill HSV-1 and make your cold sore go away faster. To use coconut oil you need to take coconut oil and cotton cloth with it. Soak this cotton cloth in coconut oil. Then apply light pressure on the wound. Use it every hour like this and you will see the benefits.

2. Honey: Honey is very effective to remove cold sore on lip. Because honey is rich in antimicrobial agents. This will help keep the inside of your mouth moisturized and help in the formation of new cells. In addition to cold sore on lip, honey will play a special role in reducing pain and swelling. To use honey you need to take half spoon of honey. Then apply the honey on the wound with the help of fingers for 10 to 15 minutes. Use this twice a day.

You can also mix Malaki or turmeric powder together with honey and apply it on fever sores. You will understand the benefits yourself.

3. Garlic: We have heard about the many benefits of garlic. Garlic juice helps destroy Herpes simplex virus-1. Take a small clove of garlic to apply garlic on the wound. Then apply the garlic paste directly on your wound. Apply this way at least two to three times a day. You can eat raw garlic on an empty stomach every morning for better results.

4. Ice cube: Using ice cube on cold sore on lip helps to relieve the pain and swelling of your lips and will also play a special role in getting rid of the sore quickly. You take an ice cube and hold it for a while on the swollen part of the base or on the wound. Try this a few times a day and see if your pain and swelling have reduced a lot.

5. Milk: You can use milk to remove fever blisters quickly. Because milk contains antibacterial and antiviral agents. Which will help to clear your virus infection. To apply the milk base you need to take a cotton bar and a small amount of milk in a cup. Then soak the cotton bar in milk and put it on the base and wait for some time. If you use this for two hours, your cold sore on lip will heal quickly.

6. Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera juice is also very useful in curing cold sores. You can apply a small amount of aloe Vera or aloe leaf juice on cold sore on lip. Aloe Vera has the power to relieve pain swelling problem so you can get effective results quickly when applied topically.

7. Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar can be used to remove fever blisters quickly. To use it, you need to soak a cotton cloth in apple cider vinegar. Then apply the wet part on the wound. By doing this you can recover from this disease quickly.

8. Tulsi leaves: I have been hearing about the many benefits of Tulsi leaves since ancient times. By using tulsi leaves your cold sore on lip will heal much faster. So if you have cold sore on lip, get up in the morning and chew fresh basil leaves. As a result, you can reap the benefits very soon.

9. Triphala: Triphala also works very well to remove cold sores. To consume triphala you need to take half a teaspoon of triphala. Then mix them in a cup of water. Then take the mixture inside the mouth and swish well. Try to keep the mixture in the mouth for 1 to 2 minutes. Then throw away the water from the mouth. By doing this, your cold sore on lip will heal quickly.

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