Why does the stomach become fat? What are the 11 bad habits to increase belly fat?

Accumulation of excess fat in the abdomen seriously disrupts our healthy and normal life. Once fat starts to build up, it can be very difficult to get it back to normal. Because losing fat requires a lot of patience and hard work. As a result, reducing belly fat is not possible for everyone. But if we know the causes of belly fat increase, then those factors can be controlled early.

What are the 11 bad habits to increase belly fat?
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By doing this, excess fat will not easily accumulate in our stomach. But many of us do not know about the real reason behind the accumulation of belly fat. Due to which the number of people suffering from obesity is increasing day by day. So to get rid of this problem first we need to have a detailed understanding of the causes of excess fat accumulation in the abdomen.

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What habits can accumulate fat in your stomach?

1. Eating foods rich in trans fats:

Some fatty foods that can pose a danger to your body. One of the unhealthy fats is trans fat. Trans fats contain double bonds in the hydrocarbon chain. The enzymes that work to break down the food we eat cannot break down these double bond hydrocarbons when they enter our bodies. This keeps these hydrocarbons in the blood and helps you store belly fat. And trans fats will not only increase your belly fat, but cause serious weight gain. And if the weight increases, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure etc. can be affected by various complex diseases.

Packaged marketed products, bakery food, fried food etc. are high in trans fat so you need to stop eating these foods. Instead, eat healthy and nutritious home-cooked meals.

2. Abdominal fat can increase if you do not exercise regularly

If you do not exercise properly, the excess fat accumulated in your body stays inside the body. This can cause you to gain weight and become overweight. So to reduce belly fat you have to get out of the life of comfort and laziness.

If you exercise regularly, all the excess fat accumulated in the body will be removed from your body through sweat. As a result, you will keep your weight under control. And if you don't want to exercise, then you can develop the habit of walking regularly. You will also get the same benefits. So to reduce belly fat you have to get out of the life of comfort and laziness and focus on exercise and walking.

3. Alcohol consumption can increase belly fat

Consuming alcohol can make your belly fat worse. This is because alcoholic beverages have no nutritional value but are high in calories, which can make you overweight and obese if consumed in excess. For this, to reduce or control belly fat, you need to stop consuming alcoholic products like alcohol, cold drinks etc. Instead, you can develop a habit of drinking more water. It will keep your body weight under control by reducing your belly fat and will also help you stay fresh.

4. Increased stress can increase belly fat

When stress and anxiety build up inside you, your body can produce the hormone cortisol. As a result, the body's metabolism slows down. And whenever your metabolism isn't working properly or your metabolism slows down, your chances of gaining fat can increase dramatically.

As a result, you may gain weight and continue to gain weight. And stress doesn't just make you gain weight, it can cause other complex diseases in your body like high blood pressure, migraine etc. So if you want to keep yourself healthy then you must keep yourself stress free.

5. Eating sugary foods can increase belly fat

Sugar has both beneficial and harmful aspects. Eating too much sugar or sugary foods can lead to weight gain. Because sugary foods and sugary drinks contain refined carbohydrates. Since these carbohydrates are solid, they cannot be easily broken down by the body's digestive system. As a result, fat may accumulate in your body. Due to which you gain belly fat and gain weight and gain.

So if you want to eat, you have to eat less or a certain amount of sugar. And to reduce belly fat you should always eat healthy carbohydrates and eat healthy foods. It will reduce your fat and keep your body healthy.

6. Eating less fiber can lead to increased belly fat

One of the main causes of fat accumulation in our body is low fiber intake. Nowadays we eat more junk food excluding fiber rich foods. But this junk food is unhealthy food. Eating these foods will not fulfill any nutritional needs of your body.

This can lead to frequent hunger pangs that can lead to eating more than you need. And since these foods are high in calories, eating more can increase the risk of fat in the body. Also, if you don't have enough fiber in your body, you may be more likely to have problems with your digestive system.

So if you want to get rid of belly fat then you should have regular fiber foods in your diet. Eat more high-fiber foods like green vegetables, beans, lentils, whole grains, nuts, oats, and hydrating fruits. By eating all these foods you can eat a lot. As a result, you will have less appetite and will not be able to store body fat.

7. Not getting enough sleep can lead to weight gain

Insomnia or lack of sleep has become a critical problem these days. Abdominal fat accumulation is also associated with insomnia. When you sleep less, this effect of less sleep can greatly reduce your cortisol hormone levels. 

And when that happens, you'll feel hungrier and crave high-calorie foods. This can cause your stomach to bloat and cause you to gain more weight than usual.

8.Abdominal fat can also be caused by genetic defects

Sometimes some genetic defects in the body can cause fat accumulation in your body. An important hormone in your body that controls your weight and appetite is called leptin.

Research has shown that there are certain genes in our body that can affect the activity of this leptin hormone. If the hormonal activity is disrupted, it is not able to control your appetite. In this case, you overeat and your stomach may be larger than usual.

9. Eating irregular meals can increase fat

Many of us skip breakfast and plan to eat lunch at noon to keep our weight under control. Many skip dinner again. If you eat erratically, that is, if you skip one meal and eat another, you will feel more hungry.
As a result, you will eat more food at once. It does not digest the food you eat properly. And if the food is not digested properly, the chances of fat accumulation in your stomach increases. So you cannot skip meals at any time to reduce constipation.

10. Eating white rice or white flour can increase body weight and fat

We all eat white rice and white flour without knowing it. But with this rice-flour consumption, our stomach is also constipated. This is because white flour, fiber and other essential nutrients are thrown away while making white rice.

Various studies have shown that processed grains are high in white rice and white flour. For this, these foods are digested quickly. As a result, our blood sugar levels can rise rapidly. You can eat red rice or rolled rice, red flour to reduce stomach pain. It helps you lose belly fat and lose weight.

11. Sleeping right after dinner can increase body weight and fat

If you eat dinner late and make a habit of going to bed immediately after eating, you may have indigestion. And if the food is not digested, the risk of fat accumulation in your stomach will increase.

So dinner should be eaten early to reduce belly fat. Make it a habit to walk for at least half an hour after eating. By doing this, your food will be digested and fat will not get stuck in the stomach.

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