What is Payoneer? How Payoneer Works?

Payoneer account is the key to unlocking your universe of opportunities. Because whether it's making international payments, receiving funds, managing your digital business or accessing capital, Payoneer lets you open your business to the world.

Payoneer generally facilitates bank transfers for small businesses, but it does not function as a point-of-sale system. In this article today we will discuss what is Payoneer account and how it works. Why you should use Payoneer account etc.

What is Payoneer? How Payoneer Works?

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer is an online payment platform, meaning it is an online payment service that enables merchants to send and receive payments without the need for a merchant account.

Notably, Payoneer does not allow merchants to bill customers directly. Instead, businesses request payments through the platform and wait for customers to send funds.

Payoneer is more comparable to PayPal or Venmo than Square or Stripe.

How does Payoneer work?

Payoneer is an online based payment platform that businesses use to request payments from customers. Here is a discussion of how the process works.

Businesses use Payoneer to send payment requests directly to customers. Customers can pay online through a bank account or credit card.

Funds paid are deposited into the business's Payoneer account, and the business can then transfer the Payoneer funds to its bank account or spend money through a Payoneer debit card.

It is worth noting that payments are instantly available to businesses' Payoneer accounts; However, it may take two to five days after the withdrawal request for the funds to arrive in the business's local bank account. However, if the business has a Payoneer Mastercard, instant ATM withdrawals are available.

Also, businesses can use the "Make a Payment" function to send free payments to other Payoneer account holders. If the other party does not have a Payoneer account, it can create an account to receive payment or Payoneer can initiate a bank transfer. However, there is a fee to pay for this.

Payoneer Features at a Glance

Payoneer is known as a popular option for freelancers, international businesses and users of e-commerce marketplaces such as Airbnb and Upwork.

Payoneer Features at a Glance

Pioneer Capabilities

Anyone from anywhere in the world can create a free account directly on the Payoneer website. An account with Pioneer gives you access to these other features.

Global Payments

Payoneer handles local and international payments and currency exchanges, allowing businesses to send and receive payments in different currencies via bank transfer. When you want to receive a payment, you can send a request to a customer.

Account can be used in multiple currencies Payoneer supports USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY and CNH. Additionally, conversions to CZK, PLN, RUB and VND are available for tax purposes (subject to availability).

Payoneer does not charge fees for most fund transfers if both parties have Payoneer accounts. You can transfer funds Peoneer to Peoneer for free.

In countries where local accounts cannot be set up, Payoneer facilitates payments via wire transfer. Payoneer may also facilitate ACH transfers for an additional fee but has no control over the fees associated with wire transfers.


Payoneer integrates with free invoice builder software to create professional-looking invoices to send to customers. Businesses can customize online invoices for specific clients, and they can save contact, company and payment details for repeat invoices.

Prepaid Debit Card

All Payoneer account holders have the option to receive a Mastercard debit card to make payments from their Payoneer account. The card also works at ATMs, but requires a withdrawal fee for USD, EUR and GBP currencies and a $29.95 annual fee.

Mobile application

Payoneer offers a mobile app for iOS and Android where users can view their account balances, view transactions, make payments and withdraw funds.

Tax administration

When creating a Payoneer account, you can fill out the corresponding tax forms. Personal and business tax forms supported by Payoneer include W-9s, W-8BENs and W-8ECIs. Payoneer provides users with tax reports through its automated record-keeping system.

safety (Security)

Payoneer is PCI compliant to protect credit card data and complies with anti-money laundering regulations. It also generally offers fraud detection to all customers and is AML/CTF compliant to combat international payment issues.

Payoneer customer service and support

Payoneer provides customer support via phone, live chat and email messaging. It also has an online knowledge bot.

Payoneer customer service and support

Benefits of Payoneer

In some cases cheaper than competitors

If you don't need to accept credit card payments, Payoneer offers a cost-effective alternative to buying and setting up a POS system or getting a payment processor.

International payment options

You'll pay to transfer to your bank account or transfer funds between accounts in different currencies, but if everyone is a Payoneer account holder, the fees for accepting international payments can be cheaper than more traditional options.

Payoneer Cons

Some lack of payment features

Payoneer doesn't come with a payment gateway, virtual terminal, or the ability to work with your POS system, so you're limited in how you can accept payments. If you want to accept credit card payments online or take orders over the phone, you can probably get more bang for your buck with a payment service provider.

Account freeze and termination

Payoneer will withhold your funds or close your account if it suspects fraud, which is not unusual for companies that deal with payments. It uses an automated fraud detection system, which customer reviews say can occasionally go wrong and cause payment delays.

Alternative to Payoneer

If Payoneer doesn't meet your business needs, you can consider alternative online payment services. Here are links to some of Pioneer's alternative payment services.

Payoneer alternative payment services are-

You can use convenient system depending on your location.

How to open a Pioneer account?

You can easily open a Peonia personal account or business account from anywhere in the world. Go to Pioneer's official website and click on the "Sign Up" button to complete the register form.
You can also get a $25 bonus from Pioneer if you sign up an account through someone's referral link. For details on this see-  How to get $25 bonus on Payoneer account?

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