What is Mobile marketing? How to do mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is the new way of advertising, it’s not just a special advertisement for mobile devices. So if you want to do an effective and powerful promotion on your products or services, you should use mobile marketing. When we talk about mobile marketing most marketers think that their target audience mostly uses only smartphones but this is not true anymore. Marketing on our website can be done from desktop computers as well as laptops, tablets or even from other types of devices like TV-sets or any other device with a screen because this is all about content strategies.

What is Mobile marketing? How to do mobile marketing?

It is the use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to market products or services. It becomes more beneficial when consumers are browsing from their mobile devices rather than from their desktop computers.

What is Mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is the process of getting information about a product or service directly into the hands of potential customers through SMS messages, emails, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, billboards advertising on road signs etc. The main aim behind this marketing strategy is to engage with potential customers in an interactive manner before they make a purchase decision. This method helps businesses because they can reach out to their target audience.

Nowadays, almost everyone uses a smartphone. So care must be taken to ensure that all digital marketing strategies display well on mobile. Digital marketing methods are basically mobile marketing. But these become marketing for various devices including mobiles such as computers, laptops or notebooks and other digital devices.

Remember, apart from digital marketing, the special marketing method for mobile is SMS marketing.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is an advertising method that works by sending a message to a mobile phone number. The message should contain an image or link to your website. Users can click on it to return to your site.

SMS is an excellent marketing tool for businesses to use, because it’s cheap, easy and fast. But as word-of-mouth continues to gain traction in today’s increasingly digitized consumer landscape, brands must find new and innovative ways to reach potential customers. SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways to get mass messages delivered quickly and efficiently. One of the methods of mobile marketing is bulk SMS marketing

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Why SMS Marketing?

There are many good reasons you should consider using SMS marketing as part of your campaign It's cheap! Sending 1,000 text messages costs around $10 worldwide while Facebook ads cost between $0.50 and $1 per click depending on your target audience.

So why not use this powerful channel by sending bulk SMS messages? In this article, I will discuss what bulk SMS messaging is and how you can use it effectively for your business.

What Is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a protocol that allows messages to be sent to multiple recipients at the same time. This means that you can send mass messages to your customers or customers who are present in different locations and this also applies for marketing purposes. Now we will explore the definition of Bulk SMS and its advantages, disadvantages and use cases.

Definition of Bulk SMS

SMS is a protocol used by mobile phones and computers to send messages between devices. Message data is formatted in text that contains words, numbers, and symbols called characters.

Bulk SMS is a method of sending short messages, called ‘bulk messages’, to large groups of people using an automated service (sometimes called ‘robot’ or ‘spamming) to send the message.

This method can be used for any kind of marketing campaign or advertisement. For example, you may want to send promotional messages such as discounts or information about new sales at specific times during the day. Or you may want to promote coupons and special offers during particular events like Christmas shopping season. If you are selling products online then this will be your.

 Advantages of Bulk SMS

To suit the need of a large number of customers, bulk SMS can be used. For example, if an organization has more than 1000 employees, it is better to use bulk SMS to communicate with all these people at once. This will reduce communication cost and time as well. Another advantage of using bulk SMS is that you can send text messages without knowing the phone number or ID of each customer.

Another way to send mass text message is through email marketing techniques. You can create a landing page for your company website and then send mass text messages from there in order to increase the visibility of your business

In comparison with direct SMS, bulk SMS is more flexible in terms of message content and delivery. The messages can be presented in different forms to meet the varying needs of consumers, such as text only, audio recording (a voice message), image or video (such as a birthday invitation).

Bulk messaging is also faster than direct messaging because only one message needs to be sent at a time instead of many individual messages. In addition, bulk messaging allows a greater number of recipients within a budget and does not require personal contact information for each recipient. This saves on administrative costs for businesses who use.

Also  Advantages of Bulk SMS are-

• It is a cost effective way to communicate with your customers without spending on individual message.

 • You can track the response rate and location of your customers.  • It is an easy, cheap and fast method to deliver targeted messages to your customer base as well as reach out to them in case you have any special offer or sale that you want to run at short notice. 

  • In case if you send bulk sms for same group then it will not be counted by the telecom company as spam so this will save.

Disadvantages of Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is a popular marketing tool, Bulk SMS can deliver high-quality, targeted messages to your prospects at a fraction of the cost. but it has its disadvantages. One of the main issues with this method is that you have to pay per message. The other issue is that the delivered messages are not targeted at your customers. There’s also no way to track campaigns and see how many people opened them or clicked on links within.

Another disadvantage of this method is that your customer verification process may be challenging since most businesses will use an automated platform for sending out mass emails to their list all at once instead of using individual contact information for every customer like using names, phone

Some of these disadvantages include:

Unreliable delivery – Bulk messaging systems are not as reliable as personal interaction like phone calls or email. In fact, they may be delayed beyond the point that you had intended on reaching them with your message. Using bulk messaging could potentially result in you losing a customer because they never received your message at all and therefore were unable to act on it. There is also a chance

There is no way to track individual messages sent or received within an SMS campaign. You cannot know if a particular message was read, opened, clicked on and so forth. Similarly, you cannot know if any action resulted from the message being read.

In order to purchase bulk SMS credits, your client’s phone number must be registered with each service provider separately. This can be very time-consuming and tedious for your client to complete and they may not have that much time in their day to worry about this process.

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How to Get Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS service is a simple way of sending messages to several individuals at once. There are two methods that you can use, which are as follows:

Total Smashers Method This method allows you to send out 100 or more unique messages across multiple phone numbers in one go by entering the same message for all. You will need to select each recipient individually and then group together into one list so that your system knows who sent which message. You can also add recipients with their mobile number only if you want them to know that they were included in

Like every other business, marketing is an important part of your business. It can be in the form of advertising (such as on radio), through providing information to customers or potential customers, it has a vital role in helping you reach out to people at their preferred time and place. Marketing is no longer just about buying ads on TV, newspapers or websites anymore. Today, you can use all kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp groups etc., for reaching out to potential/potential customer base.

SMS is a very common method of communication among business people, individuals and even between family members. SMS can be used for sending information regarding event time or announcements about special offer. It brings the fast and easy way to communicate anything from urgent message to personal matters. This article will help you to know how to get bulk sms messages in any country for free. One of the methods of mobile marketing is bulk SMS marketing.

How to get free bulk sms?

Register with any service provider offering SMS bulk messaging services like 123kingdomcom or prokerala etc to make your registration with them permanent.

You can also find countless free bulk messaging services by searching online.

So SMS is a very easy way to exchange information between two parties without the need for other methods like calling and writing e-mails. The process of sending SMS messages from one device to another is called messaging. This is also seen in business situations when we can be contacted instantly with our customers about new sales, special offers, feedback regarding their orders etc.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

The benefits that come along with campaign management through SMS include:

Exact targeting: One can personalize their messages based on certain filters like age group, gender, interests, location etc. This helps you reach only targeted users and not everyone who has a mobile phone.

Conclusion about mobile marketing

According to the MarketingSherpa report, 65 percent of B2B marketers are using SMS marketing. It is a cost-effective way to reach your customers and prospects at any time of the day. There are many advantages of this campaign method such as low investment, fast delivery, targeted audience, strong response rate etc. The cost-effectiveness of this campaign method is especially important for SMBs that have limited marketing budget. In this kind of business environment it is pretty hard to stay on top in terms of communication with your potential clients because every small company uses its own methods for communication and advertising. One of the methods of mobile marketing is bulk SMS marketing.

SMS marketing is extremely effective for reaching the attention of your target audience. The ease of sending an SMS message from any mobile device makes it very easy to deliver a message to anyone, at any time or place and this type of marketing is proven to be more efficient than regular mail campaigns.

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