What is Facebook Professional Mode? how to enable professional mode on Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social media nowadays. And to maintain that popularity, Facebook has brought a new feature called Facebook Professional Mode. From now on, you won't need a page to earn money from Facebook.

Facebook user will be given Facebook ID. How to Enable Facebook Professional Mode Everything about mobile and computer will be discussed in today's article.

What is Facebook Professional Mode? how to enable professional mode on Facebook?

What is Facebook Professional Mode?

Facebook's professional mode is a new feature. When you turn on this feature, you will get the same benefits that were provided on your Facebook page. This will look like the profile page. The same type of tools that are visible on the page will be visible on your profile ID, that is, the same type of tools can be used on the page and profile if this mode is turned on.

From where you can leave videos or earn money in different ways. The page will work with this option enabled. The way video or text can be managed on the page can also be managed here. Posts can be moderated here. Public posts, can be friends.


Benefits of Facebook Professional Mode

Each feature has some advantages. Facebook Professional Mode is no exception. The big advantage is making money through monetization. By enabling the mod on your Facebook profile, you can earn money through various add-ons and features. For example-

(1) In-Steam Ads: whose main function is video ads. While watching videos on Facebook you will see different ads. Ads can be setup on Facebook ID.


(2) Reels Add: Facebook added a new feature like TikTok.  Whose name is Reels. You can make short videos as you like. You can earn money by advertising there.


(3) Subscription: This subscription system has been around for a long time. Earlier it could be seen on the Facebook page. Now similarly you can earn money through subscription on Facebook ID. If you have a lot of popularity in your ID.

There you can get such subscription from some followers by creating some new content for them. Meaning not everyone will be allowed there.


In addition, there are many other benefits if you turn on this professional mode. The following is about this:



Dashboard is needed to control anything professionally. All his arrangements have been made in this feature. Earlier, when there was a Facebook page, you would know about your followers. They are from which country, boy or girl, reach of video or post, how many people are engaged. You will find everything features in this dashboard.



If you want to work on social media, it is absolutely necessary to hope for recommendations from other channels under your video or article. People will actually watch other videos in your category.

Likewise, other people will watch your video. That's why Facebook has kept this option.



Facebook, YouTube, Tik Tok or any other social media have to select the category. Category is meant to tell the Facebook user what kind of video you are making.


Facebook Professional Mode on Mobile

First you enter the Facebook app. If your mobile Facebook app is old then update it first. Then go to profile. First there is Add to story and then Edit profile. Then click on the threedot (...) menu.

Click here to turn on professional mode at the very bottom. Then Turn on will appear, professional mode will be turned on by clicking here.


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Facebook Professional Mode on Computer

Just like how you turn on this mode on mobile, you need to login to Facebook on Chrome browser or another browser. Then you need to enter the profile. On computer first there is Add to story and then Click on Edit Profile under the three dot menu.

Click here to turn on professional mode at the very bottom. Then Turn on will appear, professional mode will be turned on by clicking here.

In this way you can make your ID professional mode.


How to Turn Off Facebook Professional Mode

Many times it is seen that after turning on this feature we can't feel better. If you want to turn it off, you can follow the steps below

You need to turn it off the same way you turned on Professional mode with mobile or computer. Click here to turn off professional mode. After that, Turn off will show, click here to turn it off.

Note: Sometimes this feature is available on some Facebook IDs and not on some IDs. So those who have not received ID can wait a little.

How to Turn Off Facebook Professional Mode


See how to enable professional mode on Facebook at a glance

Professional mode gives you access to a bundle of professional tools, insights and monetization products, which can help you build your professional presence from your personal profile. Earlier, these tools and features were only available on Facebook Pages.


How to turn on Professional Mode

Here's how you can turn on professional mode:

Go to your Facebook profile.

Under your profile header, click the menu button on the right or tap (...).

Click or tap Turn on Professional Mode.

To confirm, click or tap Start and complete the flow.


How to turn off professional mode

If you don't want to use professional mode on your Facebook profile, you can turn it off at any time. If you turn off professional mode:

Your current friends, followers and profile content will not change.

Your who can follow me preference is public, but you can change it in Settings

Your privacy settings will not change.

You can turn on this Facebook professional mode at any time.

Also after turning off the professional mode, you can expect the following changes:


Remember, your existing content or audience insights will no longer be available.

You'll lose access to advanced security features like Moderation Assist.

You will no longer be eligible for discovery opportunities on Facebook.

If you are eligible for monetization, you will receive pending payouts or bonuses, but future bonuses/payouts will be paused.


Here's how to turn off Professional Mode:

Go to your profile on Facebook.

Below your profile header, click or tap the menu button (...).

Click or tap Close Professional Mode and complete the steps


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