What are the rules of Google search? What is essential to know?

Nowadays we search on Google for any kind of information. It can be seen that many people get information as soon as they search on Google. Many people find it after much searching. So if you follow the rules of Google search, you will get your desired results very easily.

For that you need to know about Google search rules. What to search on Google to know any subject.

It can be seen that those who are very skilled in search get their desired results in a very short time on Google. And for those who don't know, it takes a long time to get such information. So let's know the rules of Google search.

What are the rules of Google search? What is essential to know?

Google search rules

Convert money

Google is the easiest way to know the value of money. If you search on Google USD to BDT means how much money is available in 1 dollar today. The value of which goes up and down every day.

If you don't remember the name of a country's money, then write in Google like this Indian tk to bd tk If you write the name of that country, it will be converted from that country's money to our money.

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Know the distance of the place

Now to know the distance of a place it is not necessary to know from other people. Do a google search like this and think you need to know the distance from Dhaka to Sylhet. For that, dhaka to sylhet distance will work if you write and search in google like this.

Set the timer

We need to set timers for various tasks. There is no problem if the phone does not have a stop watch. If you search on Google, the timer stop watch will come up like a mobile phone, you can use it as you wish.

Know the full meaning of the word

Always have to know the full meaning of different words. Especially students. Let me give an example what is the full meaning of WiFi. You may not know its full meaning. For this you have to write wifi stands for in Google and the full amount will come.

Besides, if you write any word and write Stands for at the end, if it has any full meaning, it will come immediately. If there is more money then it will come.


You can translate everything from English to Bengali or other languages. You can translate all the languages supported by Google. Just write translation in Google and it will work. You can convert to any language by selecting the language from here.

Know about holidays

There are public holidays in our country or in all countries of the world. To know about the holidays, you can search on Google and it will come up as soon as you write Public holiday Bangladesh. In all other countries, you can give the name of that country with public holiday.

Google search rule-Calculator

We constantly have to use calculators for various calculations. Then there is no need for a calculator. As soon as you need, you will search for Calculator in Google. In a few seconds, the calculator will appear in front of you.

Know the time of any place

I think you are now sitting in Bangladesh and want to know the time of Saudi Arabia. Many people think that it is impossible to know if there is no known person there. If you have to search only on Google, Saudi Arabia time now, you will get your desired time. No man is needed.

Google search rule-unit converter

Unit converter can convert to kilometers, meters, centimeters, millimeters, micrometers, nanometers, miles, yards, feet, inches and nautical miles. Converting from one to the other is very easy. Just type unit converter in google and this format will come.

Google search rule-IP address

You don't know your IP address. He thinks that there is no way. There is no reason to think so. Write my ip address in google and you will find it. Your desired IP address.

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A few more things Google search rules have some work that is to search with the right keywords. If you don't search with the right words, you won't find anything properly.

The very popular keywords shown above are commonly used by people. If you are constantly searching for different topics, there will come a time when you will find anything very easily.

Then no time will be wasted. It takes very little time for those who are experts in searching to find anything. So if you know the rules of Google search, you will also need less time.

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