How to do Facebook marketing? Why is Facebook marketing necessary?

Facebook marketing is a branch of digital marketing. The scope of digital marketing means all marketing in the internet world. And Facebook is the world's largest social media. There are billions of visitors spending time on Facebook every day.

Initially, Facebook was used personally, but now it is being used more for business purposes. There is no business that does not have a Facebook page.

Due to the large number of users of Facebook, various business organizations are easily reaching us with their various products through Facebook. And this is Facebook marketing. Besides, you can earn from Facebook in various ways.

How to do Facebook marketing? Why is Facebook marketing necessary?

What is Facebook Marketing?

What is Facebook Marketing? Only then will you understand better, when you understand better what marketing is.

If you do not know what marketing is then how to understand Facebook marketing?

Before understanding Facebook marketing you need to understand marketing and digital marketing first. Then you can easily understand Facebook marketing.

Let's first know what is marketing and digital marketing.

What is marketing?

Since time immemorial, people have been adopting various strategies to deliver their business to people. For example - Postal, Festoon, Radio-Television advertising etc.

So it can be said that a company or a business organization to sell their goods or products to people through advertising or promotion is called marketing.

Nowadays, digital techniques are used to reach any product, service or product to people.

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What is digital marketing?

At one time, traders used to put up banners and festoons on the streets to sell their goods. Used to promote the product with a mic or a hawker.

After the invention of radio television, their various products were advertised on radio television.

Earlier, marketing was done for the sale of merchandise or products. But over time after the internet was invented, businessmen used the internet to promote their products.

Digital marketing is the strategy of promoting products through the Internet and selling them to people.

What does Facebook marketing mean?

From the discussion above you have understood that what is Facebook marketing? . Promoting a commercial product or service to Facebook users through Facebook is called Facebook Marketing or Social Media Marketing.

However, Facebook marketing is divided into two parts. One is free Facebook marketing and the other is paid Facebook marketing.

You can promote your product or service through free or paid marketing or both.

1. Free Facebook Marketing

Free Facebook Marketing is promoting products without any cost on Facebook. To do this marketing, you can open a Facebook page in the name of your business and promote your products through that page.

If your page has a lot of followers, you will profit quickly. You don't need to spend any money for that.

You can also promote your products by joining various Facebook groups for free marketing. You can also do free Facebook marketing with Facebook profile or messenger very easily.

Usually small businesses do this marketing.

2. Paid Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is the advertising of products by spending money on Facebook. Any kind of advertisement can be given on Facebook in exchange of money.

Advertisements on Facebook are shown as sponsored posts in the user's newsfeed and in the top right corner of Facebook in the form of product images or offers.

A Facebook Page is required to advertise on Facebook. Ads cannot be placed on Facebook profiles. So you need to create a Facebook page in the name of your business first.

Once your business Facebook page is created, you can advertise your products there.

Why is Facebook marketing necessary?

I don't think I need to rehash why you need Facebook marketing for your business. You must know that nowadays from 13 year old kids to 70 year old people are using Facebook now.

Facebook currently has about 2.27 billion active users, of which about 1.5 billion people use Facebook every day.

Consider for yourself whether it is necessary to promote your product to these billions of people.

Why do paid Facebook marketing?

As you already know, Facebook has billions of users. Not all of them will buy your product or service.

Moreover, people from all areas may not accept your services. If your business services are in a specific area, then your product or service should reach only the Facebook users of that area.

And you can do this easily through Facebook paid marketing. Also you can easily reach the service or product to the user of certain age group.

An example will make the point clear. Suppose your product or service is made only for boys aged 16-22.

Only boys in this age group will buy your product or service. Then there will be no profit in marketing to people of all ages. Rather, the money will be wasted.

Therefore you need to reach the product or service only to boys aged 16-22. And you can do this very easily in Facebook paid marketing.

If you advertise on Facebook by targeting a specific location, age, gender, then the advertisement will not be shown to any person other than the targeted person.

As a result, you will be able to profit at a very low cost and in a short period of time.

What are the benefits of Facebook paid marketing?

In the world of digital marketing, social media marketing, Facebook marketing can take many advantages for your business.

If your business is on a small scale then you can take Facebook marketing as the main medium. Its advantages are-

  • Facebook has a large number of users in Bangladesh. So business can be promoted easily.
  • Advertisements can be made to any place, city, country or local area and to people who are interested.
  • It is possible to deliver the goods to the people saved for the specified goods.
  • Marketing can be done by targeting people of different ages.
  • Advertising on Facebook costs less than other marketing costs.
  • Facebook is the easiest way to build a brand on the internet.
  • Facebook is the best way to promote a blog or website.

In terms of digital marketing, you will get many more benefits on Facebook. Its users will increase as the days go by.

As a result if you can create your business band on Facebook then it will be much easier for you to do digital marketing in future.

How to do Facebook marketing?

The first step in marketing on Facebook is to create a Facebook page for your business. Check out our Facebook page creation info to learn how to create a beautiful Facebook page.

You can also know more about this by searching on Google. Facebook page is essential for both free and paid Facebook marketing.

How to do free marketing on Facebook?

Regularly share some articles that are beneficial to customers on the Facebook page of the business organization. Do not directly promote your product or service.

Promote the product within the article in such a way that the recipient does not realize that you are only sharing the article for the product or service.

This will increase your Facebook page followers and make your marketing easier.

You can promote your products strategically by becoming a member of different Facebook groups according to different topics. It will get many customers.

When it comes to free marketing, you have to be persistent. Because you won't get many takers at first. If you share posts regularly, the audience will come to read them.

And that will know about your product. If you like, you will order from here.

How to do paid marketing on Facebook?

As I said before, paid marketing is not possible without Facebook page. You can still promote your products by contracting with Facebook marketers.

In this case, the marketers will promote your product on their Facebook page and in return you will pay them a contractual or commission based price.

The best is to open a Facebook page in the name of your business and advertise with the help of Facebook Ad Manager.

You can advertise by targeting your desired audience. For this you must have an online payment system.

Nowadays, there are many companies that advertise on Facebook for you in exchange for some money. You can take their help if you are not an expert.

Mastering Facebook Marketing

If you acquire Facebook marketing skills then earning will become easier for you in many ways. But Facebook marketing skills are not clear to us.

What skills are required for marketing on Facebook are discussed below. Because marketing without skills will be a waste of time and money without any benefit.

Collecting Facebook Page Leads

Collecting leads is important in Facebook marketing. Especially for those who want to do free marketing, there is no profit without collecting leads. Increasing page likes will not benefit your business.

Imagine you are opening a Facebook page to sell a weight loss drug. There are 2000 likes, out of which 19999 people have liked.

But they won't buy your medicine. Those who are concerned about fat should be brought to your page. This is called lead collection.

Lead maintenance

When you collect leads you also need to nurture them. Your leads will not be in the collection. They will go there. To keep them on the page you need to share conscious posts about fat to thin.

Fat people will visit your page after seeing the posts you share. And among them will be interested in purchasing slimming products.

In marketing terms, this is called lead nursing or lead care.

Creating a sales funnel

Usually when posting we post related to product purchase. I give posts like the price of the product, why it is good, why it is necessary to buy, etc.

But if you do this, the cell will stop at some point or you will not get good results. But a lot of hard work is being done.

That's why you need to always focus on lead collection and lead nursing. Let me give an example. Idea taken from an online blog.

There are water tanks in every house. You left the call indoors. As the water falls, the tank will be empty at some point.

As you leave the faucet, you will regularly raise water in the tank. Add water to the tank beyond the motor, this is your lead collection. Again filling the tank with water, this is the lead service and leaving the water, this is the start of your cell.

Developing content

Content means everything that will be shared on the Facebook page. Images, graphics, articles, links etc.

Content should be created with lead collection, lead nurturing and sales funnel creation in mind. You need to develop content with this in mind.

Develop content knowing the behavior of potential customers

To develop content you need to collect customer data and understand their behavior to develop content.

You need to know their behavior like their age, sex, purchasing power, purchasing habits etc.

Analyze the behavior of all potential customers.

Good knowledge of news feed algorithms

Facebook maintains an algorithm that determines which posts appear in a user's news feed. This is called EDGE Rank.

Because of this algorithm, not all of your friends' posts show up in your news feed. Also not everyone sees your post.

Marketing without knowing the algorithm will not be profitable. You may be marketing to 100 groups but no one is seeing your posts.

This is because of this algorithm. So know the algorithm well before marketing. You will see that you have got a lot of customers with little effort.

What did we learn here?

What is Facebook Marketing? Why is it needed and how is it done? How many types of Facebook marketing and what is it? Hope you have an idea about etc.

If you find this article necessary, you can share it and put it on your wall. You can easily get poles from your wall when needed.

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