What is e-commerce? How to Create an E-Commerce Website?

Creating an e-commerce website is very important for e-commerce merchants. An e-commerce website is important for running an e-commerce business just as a store is important for a grocery store. But the problem is about creating an e-commerce website.

What is e-commerce? How to Create an E-Commerce Website?

Many people start an e-commerce business to fulfill their goals or as a hobby, but they struggle with creating a website. Because nowadays a website can be made even for 2 thousand rupees. However, why do Daraj or big e-commerce companies make websites with millions of rupees?

With them, what is the difference of low cost websites? Or it is impossible to make an e-commerce website under lakhs of rupees! This article discusses the detailed rules for creating an e-commerce website with answers to many such questions.

What is e-commerce business?

Let's first know, what is e-commerce business? The term e-commerce means electronic commerce. That is, the business that is done through the Internet or electronic media is called e-commerce.

Remember, showing an advertisement on TV in a tea shop next door is not called e-commerce, but when you arrange to order this tea online, it can be called e-commerce.

Why is it important to create an e-commerce website?

From the above writing you must have understood the need of website development. Because doing e-commerce business but not having a website is ridiculous. Still some may say bro, I can sell products on Facebook, so why should I waste money by creating a website?

First you need to remember that Facebook business is called f-Commerce. Just search Google by writing "e-commerce website in World" and you will understand. However, below is some more explanation for you.

Own Brand Identity: Having a website means you have a brand identity. For example, people remember the names of Amazon, Alibaba or Daraz. But, the name of a Facebook shop page that comes to your mind now? Can you tell that now?

Trustworthiness: A quality website can easily gain customer trust and confidence. But, a Facebook page cannot achieve this easily.

Product Display Advantage: On the website you can display the products category wise in an attractive way. Customers can easily search or find their desired products. Also, you can order easily. Kind of like a super-shop, although it's better and easier than a super-shop.

Benefits of Marketing: The benefits of having a website cannot be overstated. Anyone who advertises on Facebook knows how easy it is to have a website for marketing and retargeting customers to increase sales quickly.

Increases sales: Having a website leads to direct visitors to the website as well as visitors from Facebook and Google search engines. Remember that you will get original customers from Google search engine. When someone wants to buy something he doesn't know where to buy it. As a result, many people search for that thing on Google. Think if your site shows up in Google's search results. How easily did you get a customer? If you want to show your page on the first page of Google, you need to do good SEO. Or add to Google.

Understand Customer Needs Easily: If you have an e-commerce site then you can easily understand the needs of your customers. For example, which product is selling more, which place is buying more customers, which age group of customers are more popular, etc. You can easily find out various information from this e-commerce site.

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What are the steps in creating an E-Commerce website?

Of course, you have decided what to do business with. Otherwise you wouldn't be interested in doing e-commerce. For example, there are various strategies for doing clothes business online. By mastering these you can do online clothes business.

However, we will now discuss how to create “E-Commerce website? Or what are the steps to create an e-commerce website?”

There are several steps you need to go through to create an e-commerce website. Such as domain-hosting purchase, website design and development, transaction and payment gateway, site security etc.

Purchase of domain and hosting

The first step in building a website is buying a domain and hosting. In simple terms, domain is the name of the website, eg, Google.com, Alibaba.com, Daraz.com.bd etc. And hosting is where you put your website information, products, product images.

You can buy the domain and hosting yourself if you want. But if you are not a little clever there is a possibility of getting caught. That means you will be caught while purchasing domain hosting. So there are some things to keep in mind while purchasing domain hosting.

Important things to know when buying a domain:

  • Whether the site you are buying from is trustworthy i.e. how long has it been in business. Will there be in the future or will the dishes run away with a blanket?
  • Does it give you full control of the domain? Whether they have the facility to transfer from one site to another in the future. If yes then what are the charges and whether domain transfer authentication code will be under your control.
  • Do you have domains locked?
  • How reliable is the company?

Important things to know while purchasing hosting:

  • Buy Bdix server host if you run site in country and only if you have visitors from Bangladesh. Or buy international brand hosts and watch
  • What is customer care support?
  • Whether there are benefits to brand email?
  • Does full CPanel give access?
  • How much space and bandwidth and whether it can be upgraded in the future?
  • Must know their uptime ie what is uptime?
  • Do they offer a money back guarantee?

Website design and development

The next step in buying domain hosting is website design and development. You can do it yourself if you can. If not, you can hire a professional web developer.

If you can't create a website, you can also contact us. Our partner (HudHud Computer) provides affordable website development services. Whichever way you choose to build your site, you will need to know the following things. Otherwise, the website is more likely to be damaged.


The first thing is, which platform you want to build the website using. Currently, there are some popular platforms where website creation costs are very low and management is also very easy. Notable among these are:

  • U-Commerce/WordPress
  • Magenta
  • Open cart
  • Jane-Cart etc.

Also you can design from scratch. However, the cost of creating such a website starts from 1 lakh rupees. The bottom line is that a perfect site is usually not possible, and it won't be your choice either. And experts should be kept for regular maintenance of such sites starting from security.

Basically companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Daraz create such sites. If you have the budget you can too.

But if you use CMS means U-Commerce/Word-Press, Magenta, OpenCart, Zen-Cart Archi. Then the cost will be much less. My suggestion in this case is to use U-Commerce and Word-Press. The cost of building a perfect site using CMS usually starts from 15 thousand. There are a few things to be aware of when building a site using a CMS. For example-

Website theme

Ask the web designer you hire to build the website, whether he will build the site with a free theme or a paid one. That is, free theme or paid theme will make the site? If it's a paid theme, find out where to buy it

Generally, a popular and good site to buy themes for WordPress is Themeforest. For paid themes, check if ThemeForest has provided a purchase code and if you will receive updates in the future.

Remember, many times fraudsters create sites claiming to build websites for just 1500 or 3,000 thousand rupees. But, they usually build sites with null or GPL. In the case of GPL, no updates are available and the site may be down in the future.

Also if you give it for free then you are done. Viruses or ad scripts are attached to such sites. At any time the site may be hacked or display unwanted ads. So be careful!

What benefits will the developer provide?

  • How much customization will the web developer do?
  • Google will add basic SEO to the search engine?
  • How many months of support means how many days will support?
  • Will teach you how to maintain and upload products etc?
Just be careful about this.

Transaction and payment gateway

After creating the site, it is important to arrange how the customer will pay. You can arrange cash on delivery if you want. Also, you can also use digital payment methods. In this case you will get more benefits in WordPress. If you want you can take payment in Cash, Bkash, Rocket using free plugin. In that case the customer has to make the payment manually.

You can use payment gateway if you want. In case of new e-commerce, buying a gateway with money is not very important. Still can use from some of the payment gateways below:

Site security

If you have a WordPress website, WordPress itself will take care of code security. That means you don't have to worry about security if you build a site with WordPress. You need to worry about hosting cpanel, email, wordpress dashboard login password. In that case use strong password. See an example of a strong password: A@eyPass%OnE$tro9

An example of a strong password is a combination of symbols, numbers, and uppercase and lowercase letters in the password.

Always use strong passwords on your site. Also, you can integrate the site with CloudFlare to protect against DDoS attacks or site down. There are also other security issues, which you'll find in detail if you Google it.

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