Rapid ejaculation problems and solutions?

Premature/Rapid Ejaculation Solutions and Problems? Want a solution to premature/rapid ejaculation? Are you physically unable to please your partner in bed? Want to be happy in sex life? Want a permanent solution to premature/rapid ejaculation? Then this info is for you. Here we have rapid ejaculation problems and solutions? I have discussed it.

Rapid ejaculation problems and solutions?

Premature ejaculation in men is one of the many causes of conflict, frustration, instability, depression or relationship strain in married life. But these issues are never brought forward for fear of social order and people's shame. So come on, why does rapid ejaculation happen?

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation:

According to the DMS-5, a man has premature ejaculation if he experiences the following problems:

a) Ejaculation less than 1 minute after intercourse.

b) If this problem continues for 6 months or more.

c) Premature ejaculation in 75-100% cases.

d) Sexual dissatisfaction, depression in partners.

e) Presence of any mental or physical disease from which this problem has arisen.

f) Consumption of any intoxicant or medicine, which causes premature ejaculation.

Causes of premature ejaculation:

The causes of premature ejaculation can be divided into two categories:

1) Biological factors

2) Psychological factors

#1. Biological Factors:

A) Diabetes.

b) Thyroid gland problem.

c) Various hormonal problems.

e) Heart disease.

f) Urinary tract infection and inflammation.

g) Various diseases like Syphilis, Gonorrhea etc.

h) Various drugs.

j) If the nervous system is damaged due to surgery or trauma.

#2. Psychological factors

a) Anxiety/stress/depression.

b) Physical weakness.

c) Lack of proper sex education.

d) Lack of pre-marital or pre-marital counselling.

e) Misconceptions about sex.

f) Intercourse at a young age.

g) Excessive expectations.

h) Remembering past failures over and over again.

g) Sexual harassment.

J) Deterioration of relationship / marital discord.

k) Stays away due to work and has access to physical relations for long periods of time.

l) Intoxicated.

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If you can diagnose and stop the above reasons, then your problem will be solved immediately. And consult your doctor if this problem occurs due to any other physical or other diseases.

Below are some tips for general education.

6 tips for quick ejaculation control?

What is it and why does it happen, why does it happen and what causes premature ejaculation about it?

Common causes include, excessive dreaming, masturbation, excess sour food, excess intercourse or having excess intercourse, may cause problems with rapid ejaculation or premature ejaculation.

Be careful if you want a solution for premature/rapid ejaculation.


Premature/Rapid Ejaculation is often a cause for concern - it's something that people don't like or are willing to talk about openly.

something wrong

Things we do without finding any solution for premature/rapid ejaculation-

You've never known a man anywhere who directly admits his weakness or premature ejaculation to a man?

You don't get it because people don't want to tell anyone about their own weaknesses.

In fact, premature ejaculation is one of the most common clinical sexual complaints. According to a study, about 60 percent of adult men suffer from premature ejaculation and poor sperm control.

And think of those who lack awareness or shame, never go to the doctor or think about going. So 6 tips for quick ejaculation control? keep learning

Let's know the 6 tips to control fast ejaculation or premature ejaculation?

1. Use a condom during intercourse

If you feel like you're getting too excited too soon, ask yourself, why are you using a thin condom or not having sex without a condom?

This will reduce your unwanted sex, which takes longer for you to ejaculate.

Because when you enter your wife or partner's vagina for sex. Your wife's or partner's libido increases with a hot sensation. As a result, your penis heats up faster and ejaculates faster.

A solution to premature/rapid ejaculation and sex education is not going away. Use a condom to stay still. This will help in getting solution for premature/rapid ejaculation.

2. Take deep breaths during intercourse

Premature/rapid ejaculation solution will solve your problem in no time Ejaculatory reflex is an automatic reflex of the body during ejaculation.

Take a deep breath to close. This will eventually control your steadiness or your freshness or your premature ejaculation.

Another important thing you can do is to take breaks during intercourse. It will prevent or help you from premature intercourse or ejaculation.

You can stop for a moment with your spouse or partner, kiss the cheek or a sensitive part of the body or gently or gently press.

In this your wife or partner will enjoy maximum pleasure in sex or intercourse.

3. Make mental changes

To stop yourself from ejaculating too soon, you can take a break, maybe think of something that will calm your sexual desire or your needs.

These could be your work, your grandparents, or some thoughts of a non-sexual nature, watching a movie, watching something funny, laughing, going somewhere, etc.

This will help in getting solution for premature/rapid ejaculation.

4. Masturbation before intercourse

You masturbate an hour or two before intercourse. It can increase the time you ejaculate during intercourse.

But this is the main cause of premature ejaculation. So more or less everyone says to refrain from masturbation.

But masturbating before intercourse will give you some time before ejaculation.

5. Quit smoking/drugs

Cigarette smoking/drug abuse can lead to high blood pressure and other heart problems, which can have a major impact on your sex life.

Smoking/substance use is also independently associated with erectile dysfunction.

16 studies on smoking and sexual performance found that quitting smoking often improves sexual performance and reduces premature ejaculation.

This will help in getting solution for premature/rapid ejaculation.

6. Exercise

Being physically fit and exercising can reduce the risk of heart disease for early/premature ejaculation. and can enhance sexual function and improve overall health.

Eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins that will replenish your deficiency and refresh you.

Serious diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes can damage nerves and change the amount of blood flowing to the penis.

Also, some men find that regular exercise improves their mental health.

Reduces anxiety and helps them feel good about their bodies.

Men can also benefit from exercising the muscles involved in arousal and ejaculation.

The following exercises may help

Stop the flow of urine while urinating.

Repeat a few times and learn to identify the muscles involved.

While not urinating, try contracting these muscles for 10 seconds.

Relax them for 10 seconds.

Then release for another 10 seconds.

Repeat this cycle of contraction and relaxation 10 times daily.

What else to do in case of premature ejaculation?

Avoid masturbation in youth.

Do not take intoxicants.

Eat nutritious fruits.

Do not watch porn or sex movies because it will arouse your sexual desire and you will make the mistake of masturbating.

Do physical exercise.

Disclaimer: This info is for educational general information only. It is in no way a substitute for any medication or treatment. Always consult your doctor for more details.

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