How to take long screenshots on your smartphone?

We more or less take screenshots on our phones. But they are equal to the screen size of our phones. Have you ever wondered if we can take long screenshots on our phones? Meaning as long as we need to take screenshots.

For example, if you liked an article on Facebook. And you want to save it as a screenshot on the phone. But that story is so big that we have to take long screenshots on our phones. Besides, screenshots of all videos on any website or YouTube can be taken in the same way.

Many may be surprised to hear whether such a screenshot can be taken on the phone. Yes, this is possible. See below what you need to do to get this feature of the phone.

How to take long screenshots on your smartphone?
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How to take long screenshots on phone

If your Android phone version is very old then you may not get this feature. The version of Android I am currently using is Android 11 and the phone is Realme. However, this function also works on Vivo phones and I tested it on the phone of a brother I know.

So I think your phone should be a slightly updated version. To take a long screenshot on the phone, you first need to access your phone's settings. Then turn on 3-finger swipe down to open this option.

If you don't find it, typing 3-finger swipe down in search option in settings will bring it up. Launch it from here. Now go to Facebook or wherever you take long screenshots on your phone.

While on Facebook, you can take a screenshot of your phone by dragging it from top to bottom with 3 fingers. We all know this more or less. Now you will see Scroll is written below. Click here.

For example, if you click Scroll Here on a Realme phone, it automatically starts taking long screenshots. Until you stop i.e. as far as you scroll down, there will be a long screenshot. While this is the case with Realme phones, on Vivo phones you have to drag down from the top to bring up the phone's screen size.

Some phones have Done written next to them. Some phones have tick marks. Clicking here will generate a long screenshot. You will find this screenshot image in phone gallery. All phones are not the same, there will be slight differences.

Your phone may have this feature differently. But the setting remains the same in all phones.

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