How to get $25 bonus on Payoneer account?

Payoneer is an excellent international marketplace and secure platform for direct clients to initiate very fast and secure international payment transactions. When an account is opened by a referrer, both you and the referrer will get a $25 dollar bonus.

Not just a bonus, this platform is international but you can use it globally just like a local bank.

How to get $25 bonus on Pioneer account?

A Payoneer account is your key to unlocking a universe of great opportunities for you. Because whether it's making international payments, receiving funds, managing your digital business or accessing capital, Payoneer opens your business to the world.

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How to open a Payoneer account?

You can easily open a Payoneer account. Almost all of us online users use some online account. For example, Facebook account, Gmail account, TikTok account etc.

So opening any account online is not difficult for us. And opening a Pioneer account is no exception. Simply click on the “Sign Up” button and submit the register form to create your Pioneer account.

If you want to get $25 bonus then click “SIGN UP AND EARN $25” button below.

If you click on the above button, you will get a page like below.

Pioneer account open

From here you will select the account type. Fill the form as below with correct information.

Payoneer account signup

Finally click submit button.

Payoneer Account Verification

There are two steps to go through to verify your account. First will send a verification link to your email. By clicking on this link, your email will be verified.

And the second step is to verify your documents. Scan your document and upload it. (National Identity Card/Passport/Driving License/) Any one should be uploaded. Your uploaded documents will be verified by Pioneer officials.

Your account is ready

Once your register form is approved, your Payoneer account will be ready for transactions.

Once the account is ready you can now trade from this account anywhere in the world.

About Payoneer Account Type

Business accounts

For today's global, digital business. Payoneer offers your business a multi-currency account so you can make and receive payments globally as easily as you can locally.

This all-in-one account gives you everything you need to get paid from your international clients and global marketplaces, pay your suppliers and invest in growing your business.

Local receiving get account

Local receiving accounts work just like local bank accounts. It makes it easy for international clients and marketplaces to pay you with local bank transfers in EUR, USD, GBP and more.

Multiple Ways to Use Pioneer Funds

  • Transfer funds to your local bank account or mobile wallet
  • Pay contractors and suppliers from your account
  • Pay VAT obligation free.
  • Withdraw funds at ATMs
  • Shop online and in stores

A global future for commerce

Payoneer empowers anyone, anywhere to participate and succeed in the global economy.

Discover why a variety of businesses put their trust in Pioneer:

Freelancers and service providers

Payoneer offers freelancers and service providers easy payment options to send and receive payments to companies and marketplaces worldwide. Get paid for freelance work on marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr or directly from individual clients.

Online seller

Payoneer provides online sellers with a simple payment solution for their eCommerce business. Global marketplace sellers like Amazon, Walmart and Wish can accept global payments as easily as local payments.

Vacation Rental Host

Getting money to rent a house was not easy. Easily receive payments from vacation rental sites like Airbnb and Vrbo, as well as individual renters in a single, consolidated account.

About Payoneer

Payoneer is the go-to partner for digital commerce everywhere in the world. From limitless payments to limitless growth, Payoneer promises any business, in any market, the technology, connectivity and confidence to participate and thrive in the new global economy. 

From aspiring entrepreneurs in emerging markets to strong growth for customers of the world's leading digital brands, Payoneer offers a universe of opportunities open to you. Read More...

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