A woman does not become pregnant if she has intercourse at any time?

Today's info is shared for many couples who do not want to have children now but want to have regular physical relations with their wives. Many people enjoy sex life by using different birth control. 

Many people are reluctant to use them. On the condition of anonymity, one wants to know when intercourse does not lead to insemination or pregnancy? Yes, if you are reluctant to use birth control (pill or condoms), natural methods may be the way to go.

A woman does not become pregnant if she has intercourse at any time?
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This natural method is a method recognized by the World Health Organization. In this method, by calculating the time of ovulation or egg, the woman can have intercourse by stopping intercourse at that time or by taking any birth control measures for a short period of time.

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How to calculate the safe time of sexual intercourse?

Women who want to use natural methods of birth control should keep track of their periods for the previous six months. If you write down the number of days from the start of menstruation to the start of the next period, you can do the calculation correctly.

You can easily find out the safe days of intercourse by subtracting from the menstrual cycle of the last six months. This is calculated by subtracting 18 days from the shortest menstrual cycle and 11 days from the longest menstrual cycle.

Example of how to calculate safe days

If someone has a menstrual cycle of 26 to 30 days, i.e. the shortest cycle is 26 days and the longest cycle is 30 days, then the safe day calculation would be:

26-18 = 8 and 30-11 = 19

According to this calculation, the possibility of ovulation is from the 8th day to the 19th day of menstruation. This period of women's menstrual cycle is the danger period or fertile period. Having intercourse during this period is the most likely to produce a baby. If one does not want to have children, one can abstain from intercourse, use condoms or take the pill during this time.

Natural limitations of this rule

This natural method is generally applicable to those who have regular periods. This method will not be effective for those whose periods are not regular.

Many studies show that the failure rate is very high when applying this method. Even the failure rate was seen at 14%.

If you don't want to conceive and have regular periods, then you can apply this natural method without hesitation.

How to have sex to have a baby?

Those who want to adopt children, they will have intercourse during the danger period by calculating the above rules. It has the highest probability of good results.

After ovulation in the woman's uterus, the egg usually remains alive for 24 hours. Again, male sperm can remain alive in the female vagina for 3 to 5 days. So it is wrong to think that you have to have intercourse every day during the danger period.

The doctor's advice is that if you want to have a baby, you should have intercourse one day after another during the danger period.

Last words:

Hopefully this info will be useful in married life. Enjoying sex is one of the conditions of happiness in married life. If there is an exception to this, there will be chaos in the family. So have regular intercourse and arrange the family in the moon of love. If you find the info necessary, share it and put it on your wall, so that you can easily find it from your wall when you need it.

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